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Welcome to Verigo Support!

Verigo is dedicated to providing the highest quality customer support to ensure successful implementation of Verigo's data logging solutions.

Verigo offers a wide knowledge base that details everything a user needs to know in order to use Verigo's system effectively and troubleshoot problems should they arise.

Check out "Start Up Guides / Tutorials" if 
  • you're a new user and need help starting up Verigo Pods
  • you have a specific questions on a start up function
Check out "Mobile App" if
  • you're having issues with the Verigo Mobile app 
Check out "Cloud" if
  • you're having issues with the Verigo Cloud   
Check out "Hardware" if
  • if you're having issues with the Verigo Pod
Check out "FAQ" for all other questions you might have! 

If you can't find a solution in one of the sections below, click "Contact Technical Support" in the sidebar to the right, and one of our support technicians will get in touch with you shortly!

Knowledge Base

  1. Airline Approvals 

    1. Airline Approval Background
    2. UPS Airlines Approval
    3. Swiss Airlines Approval
    4. Emirates Airline Approval
    5. ABX Airlines Approval
  2. Calibration  

    1. Verigo Calibration Certificates
    2. Pod Humidity (PAx)
    3. Pod Temp (PBx)
    4. Pod One-90 (PDx)
    5. Pod Probe (PEx)
  3. Customer Testimonials 

    1. Air Bridge Cargo Testimonial
    2. Saltro Testimonial
  4. Data Security 

    1. FDA Compliance: 21 CFR Part 11
    2. Security of the Verigo Cloud hosted by AWS
  5. System Overview, Data Sharing 

    1. Verigo IoT System Overview
  6. Start Up Guides / Tutorials  

    1. Introduction (video)
    2. User Guide: Available in English and Spanish
    3. App Download and Account Creation
    4. iOS & Android App: Configure + Activate Now
    5. iOS & Android App: Button Press Start
  7. Mobile App 

    1. How do I collect Real-Time Pings?
    2. How do I check the amount of battery a Pod data logger still has?
    3. What do the different color boxes mean in the Nearby Pod screen?
    4. How do I use the Android app's "Offline Mode"
    5. Repeated "Sync Unsuccessful" messages.
  8. Cloud 

    1. Using Verigo's Cloud
    2. How do I change my time zone or temperature settings in the Cloud?
    3. How do I change the email associated with my account?
  9. Hardware 

    1. New Pod Models: 1.9 Firmware Update: Hibernation Mode and Compressed Logging
    2. Data Sheets
    3. What do the different LED color flashes mean?
  10. FAQ 

    1. Frequently Asked Questions
    2. Error 202 (Reset)
    3. How is data shared?
  11. All articles 

    1. Using Verigo's Cloud
    2. Frequently Asked Questions
    3. Introduction (video)
    4. How do I set up my account to receive SMS excursion alerts?
    5. Start Pods: New Android App
    51 articles 

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