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New Pod Models: 1.9 Firmware Update: Hibernation Mode and Compressed Logging

Compressed Logging

In Firmware version 1.9, Verigo made an improvement to the software to increase the log download speed by nearly 2x. Both synchronizations and deactivation events are completed more quickly, whether performed by the PC Tool or the mobile apps.

Hibernation Mode



Hibernation Mode is designed to help a Pod survive low temperature environments by temporarily reducing power consumption. Low temperature environments are defined by the product specifications as listed on the Verigo website: 

When a Pod senses that the values of the current temperature or current battery voltage are crossing critically low thresholds the Pod will enter/exit a special protective mode in to greatly reduce the likelihood of brown-out resets and data corruption.  Crossing below either threshold causes the Pod to automatically enter Hibernation Mode. The Pod will automatically exit Hibernation Mode when the sensed values are both above their respective thresholds. Most importantly, this feature improves Pod logging reliability as the Pod will continue logging data in adverse conditions.

Across Verigo’s product line, this temperature threshold is roughly -21ºC.

Also, if the Pod experiences a reset (momentary loss of power causing the main processor to reboot) it will immediately enter Hibernation Mode to assess whether it is safe to exit Hibernation Mode.

Hibernation Mode can only be entered when the Pod is in the Active State (active logging session). 

Hibernation Mode is only available on Pods running firmware revision 1.9.x and threshold values are not user definable.

What exactly is Hibernation Mode?

While the Pod is in Hibernation Mode data logging will still occur on the user defined Logging Interval. However, the Bluetooth advertising transmissions, or Broadcasts, will be turned off (connection is not possible). Exiting Hibernation Mode may take up to 60 seconds after conditions (temperature/voltage) become favorable.

How can I tell?

If a Pod is currently in Hibernation Mode, a user will view 5 red blinks when the Multi-use Button is pressed

If a Pod is exiting Hibernation Mode, and resuming its typical functionality, a user will view 2 red blinks. The 2 red blinks will display automatically, no need to press the button (pressing the button while the Pod is in Hibernation will only put undue stress on the battery).

How can I make the Pod exit Hibernation Mode?

Move the Pod to a room temperature environment to most quickly exit Hibernation Mode. However, as long as the Pod is moved to an environment above -20ºC, the Pod will eventually resume broadcasting and transmitting data wirelessly. 

Please contact Verigo if a Pod does not exit Hibernation Mode:


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