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Error 202 (Reset)

The Error 202 message can appear for a number of reasons.

1) The Pod was operated outside of specified temperature range (-20C to 60C).
2) The Pod came in direct contact with condensing levels of humidity, being >90% for an extended period of time
3) The Pod was exposed to a magnetic force
4) The Pod's battery has dropped to a critical level, and can no longer support Bluetooth communications. This can happen near the end of the Pod's battery life, which typically occurs after 1.5 years if the Pod is used continuously.

If one of these occurred, the Pod will store all historical data but will stop logging data going forward. As a result, the Error 201 message will appear informing the user what has happened. Once a user connects to the Pod, a banner will display a banner at the top of the Pod Status screen instructing the user to stop the Pod and start the Pod again to resume normal logging.

If the user keeps the Pod active, the message will continue to appear when the user connects to it.  

If your customer is continuously seeing this error with any specific Pods, please let us know and we will arrange for a replacement shipment.

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