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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the warranty on Verigo reusable Pods?

A: Our Pods have a warranty of 12 months from the time of shipment, unless it is specified by other agreements.

Q: Can I replace the batteries of my Pod?

A: Our reusable Pods are designed to have up to a 7-year shelf life (exact shelf life is dependent on application and operating environment). Should you desire to have your batteries replaced when they expire, please contact Verigo or your Verigo distributor for more information.

Q: What happens when my reusable Pod reaches its memory limit?

A: The Pod will stop logging once it has reached its limit. At that point, the Pod will remain active and you will be able to retrieve all its data. If you connect your Pod, sync your data, and stop it, you can start a new logging session and continue logging with that same Pod. A "full log" icon will appear for a Pod in the "nearby" screen on the Verigo app.

Q: My Pod One’90 arrived in an active state. What do I do now?

A: You may return the unit back to Verigo or your distributor if the unit has inadvertently been delivered to you in an active state.

Q: I accidently started my Pod One’90 - is there any way that I can restart it?

A: You may stop and start a new session within one hour of the accidental activation. Your single-use Pod (Pod One-90) can only be restarted up to a total of three times under this condition.

Q: I have received my new Pod and the battery shows a value below 100%.

A: All batteries have some degradation even when in an inactive state. With our Verigo Pods, the battery will degrade by about 12% a year (equivalent to one percent every month) while sitting on the shelf. It is possible that your unit was built several months prior to you receiving it which can result in the battery indicator showing a value below 100%.  

Q: Pod lights are blinking red and green when I push the button, what does it mean?

A: There are different statuses for your Pods that can be identified by simply pressing and releasing the multi-use button on your Pod

1 Green = Pod is inactive.

2 Green = Pod is active.

2 Red = Pod is active and alerted.

4 Green = Pod is connected to your mobile device.

4 Red = Pod is alerted and connected to your device.

Q: Are the Pods waterproof?

A: None of the Pod models are waterproof at this time. However, all of the Pod models PAx, PBx, PDx, PEx, PGx, and PHx are all IP-65 compliant. This means that all of our Pods are capable of maintaining functional capacity with sporadic direct water exposure. However, Pods are not able to be fully immersed in water, ideal Pod conditions would minimize direct water contact.

Q: Where can I purchase Verigo Pods?

A: Contact our sales team at for more information on pricing. If you are located outside of the United States, you can also reference our Distributor page to find a local supplier. To contact Verigo directly, you can also fill out the form on the “Contact” page at the Verigo website (  

Q: What is the button press start method?

A: Button press is a method of starting Pods that allows you to preprogram settings to a specific Pod for easy activation at a later time. When you want to set up a Pod for button press activation, the settings you save for your button press will be saved to the Pod until new button press settings are written. You can stop a session and start a new one with a button press start and the settings will be maintained.
Q: How do I activate a Pod with a button press?

A: Once you have programmed your pod on the "Preconfigure for future use" screen on the app is enabled, you are ready to start a Pod with the button press method. To start the Pod via button press, hold down the advertise button on the Pod for 4 seconds, or until the LED shines green. Once the LED shines green, release the advertise button and the Pod will play a chime. Once this sequence has occurred, your Pod has been activated via the button press method. You will not be able to view the Pod on your cloud account until you connect to it for the first time. 

Q: How can I tell how much battery life I still have left on a Pod? 

A: The battery life for a Temp or RH pod (PA0 and PB0) is typically 48 months if the Pod logs for 8 hours per day, and 18 months if the Pod logs for 24 hours per day. If a Pod is in the inactive state, the battery will drain at roughly 12% per year.

You can check the battery status of your Pod by connecting to an active Pod in the nearby screen in the mobile app. In the Pod Status screen, there should be a battery icon at the top right, just below the battery icon is a reading of the battery's current percentage. 


Q: Do I need WiFi for the Verigo solution to work?

A: WiFi is not required -- data can be synchronized from our app to the cloud database using your cell phone data.

On the Android app there is a feature called "Offline Mode" which allows users to store Pod data on their phone until they reestablish an Internet connection. Users can control whether they use Offline Mode manually.

Q: I cannot find the Verigo app on Google Play™.

A: If you cannot find the Verigo app on Google Play, that means that your Android device was designated as an unsupported device. The primary reason for an Android device being designated as “unsupported” is because of Bluetooth instability with older versions of the Android operating system.

Q: My session shows an alert. Can I clear the alert from my session?

A: To clear an alert, simply stop your current logging session and then start a new session.

Q: I am using an Android device and I cannot find my Pod on the “Nearby” screen.

A. Due to the myriad of Android devices and generational differences, the Verigo app is unavailable in older versions of the Android and iOS applications. Any Android device that runs KitKat 4.4.4. and Bluetooth v4.0 will be supported under Verigo's app.

If you are having issues with your Pod displaying on the “Nearby” screen, turn the Bluetooth® on your mobile device off and then back on. If this does not fix the problem, it is likely that your device is not supported by Verigo at this time. If problems persist, please contact Verigo Support.

Q: My Pod is less than 30 meters away from me, and I cannot find it on the “Nearby” screen.

A: The range of your Pod may vary depending on the location and orientation of your Pod, as well as any obstacles or barriers between your Pod and your Bluetooth device. In an unobstructed setting, a Verigo Pod can transmit data and information up to 100 feet. Obstacles or barriers may reduce the Bluetooth range (e.g., aluminum sheets).


Q: Event logs are displaying “Ping”. What is a Ping?

A: A Ping is a small information packet emitted from your Pod. It is the basic building block of communication in the Bluetooth platform and contains the current status of your Pod.

Pings are sent when the “Real-Time Ping” feature is turned ON in the mobile app. You can toggle “Auto Sync” ON or OFF in the “Settings” screen of the iOS app. You can also customize the time interval at which your mobile device sends Pings.

In order to receive Pings from your Pod, you must have your device awake and open to the “Nearby” screen.

Q: Can my company have multiple administrators?

A: Yes. You can add an administrator by accessing the “Admin” tab on Verigo’s Cloud and simply selecting the name of a current user and changing their administrator status to “Yes”. Make sure to click “Save” to commit this action.

Q: When reviewing the data from Pods on, what is the difference between a PDF® report and a CSV report?

A: Our PDF reports contain easy to read data about your session which includes overall summaries, analytics, a graph, and a map showing where your Pod has been while it was in an active state. In contrast, the CSV report is the raw data only and can easily be used for more analysis using Microsoft Excel™ and other programs.  

Q: Is it possible to delete previously logged sessions from my history in the Verigo Cloud? 

A: For security purposes, it is not possible for historical sessions to be deleted from a companies record in the Verigo Cloud. However, you are able to archive sessions in order to remove them from the Default view. Just click the box(es) on the left side of the Sessions View on your account on the Cloud and then click the Archive button which will display at the top of the page.


Q: Are the Verigo software (web and apps) 21 CFR Part 11 compliant?

A: Yes, the Verigo platform is verified as being compliant within 21 CFR Part 11.

Q: Have the batteries used in Verigo Pods been tested per the provisions under UN 38.3?

A: Yes.  Additionally, we have test reports from our battery manufacturers that show our batteries were tested according to UN 38.3.

Q: Does Verigo have FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) certification?

A: The FAA does not provide certification and they have informed us that compliance is actually determined by the individual airline operators.  As such, we are in the process of working with all of the major airlines to obtain certification with each of them. We are proud to announce we are the ONLY Bluetooth monitoring device approved to remain actively logging for air-cargo shipments. Please check the Airline Approval section of our support page to see each airline that we are currently approved with.

Q: Does Verigo have EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) certification?

A: No, we do not have EASA certification at this time.  Given that it requires the same tests that are utilized by the FAA and U.S. airlines, we anticipate receiving EASA certification at some point in the near future.

Q: Does Verigo have CAAC (Civil Aviation Administration of China) certification? Does Verigo provide NIST-traceable certificates of validation?

A: No, we do not have CAAC certification at this time.

Q: Does Verigo provide NIST-traceable certificates of validation?

A: Yes, Verigo performs in-house testing on devices before they are shipped out of our facilities. We provide certificates of validation using standards traceable to NIST for all Pods. View the Calibration page on the of this support page to view sample documents for each of our models.

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