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How do I check the amount of battery a Pod data logger still has?

The battery life for a Temp or RH Pod data logger (PA and PB) is typically 48 months if the Pod logs for 8 hours per day, and 18 months if the Pod logs for 24 hours per day. If a Pod is in the inactive state, the battery will drain at roughly 12% per year. 

Generally speaking, we recommend that users begin to prepare to purchase new Pods when their devices reach about 20% battery level. 

You can check the battery status of your Pod by connecting to an active Pod in the nearby screen in the mobile app. In the Pod Status screen, there should be a battery icon on the top right, just below the icon is a reading of the battery's current percentage. 

You can also check the battery life in the Verigo Cloud. If you view the session for the Pod, and click "more details" in the top left corner, one of the session details now visible is "Battery Level".

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