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What can I do if I lose my Pod?

If you have misplaced your pod, there are a number of ways you can use the mobile app or the cloud platform to track it down.

If it is active and it is nearby, you should be able to find in the Nearby Pod's screen in the mobile app. By connecting to it, you might be able to hear the connection chime. If you can't find it with the chime, there is a bell button at the top of the screen when you are connected to that pod that will allow you to trigger a chime. You can ring the Pod repeatedly until you locate the Pod.

Mobile App:

You can also use the GPS function to find the last known location the Pod broadcast. If it is active and nearby, you can can connect to it so its most recent data is synced with the cloud. You can then log into and check the session for the Pod you lost, check "Event History" at the bottom of the page for a history of the GPS location. 

Cloud Platform:


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